More LoK – Blood Omen 2 is getting Re-vamped

Unsatisfied with the general stability of the GoG and Steam releases of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2, but also Blood Omen 2? Then read the rest!

Here we go again with another patch that isn’t Classic REbirth! Now it’s time for Blood Omen 2 and Re-vamped, another work in progress plug&play patch for the Legacy of Kain series.

Re-vamped heavily relies on the work done for Soul Fixer, as the Soul Reaver 2 PC code is very similar to the libraries used in Blood Omen 2, but with some changes here and there. Fortunately the tweaks necessary weren’t too complex to tweak and integrate, so most of the features carry over almost 1:1. Re-vamped will also include some extra fixes required for the new version of Conceptual Edition.

See you in Meridian.