Troubleshooting and how to install


Q: I can’t install the game, the setup program fails!
A: You don’t need the old setup at all. Follow the instructions in this page on how to install the game and you can bypass the original installer altogether.

Q: Do I need the disc in the CD drive or the ISO mounted to run the game?
A: No, the patched game will attempt to read all the data it can find in its installation folder.

Q: Do I need a virtual machine to run the game? It’s really old, you know.
A: Absolutely not. The patch was made with modern Windows and somewhat recent hardware in mind; you won’t need any virtual machines or DirectDraw wrappers like dgVoodoo.

Q: I don’t wanna use keyboard and mouse to play! Give me controllers!
A: The patch allows to play the game completely fine with most controllers.


The game is pretty old, so the hardware requirements are fairly low in general. What you will need for the patch to execute correctly are the following:

  • A processor that can support SSE2 instructions (anything from 2000 will run it just fine, like any initial Pentium 4);
  • A graphics card with DirectX 9.0c and shader model 3.0 compatibility (GPUs produced around 2005 are compatible);
  • 1 GB of disk space for the game data (does not include the remastered assets);
  • Windows 7 or superior.


  • Take the original discs of the game, either physical or in digital ISO format and copy all the relevant data to a new folder. Don’t worry if some files are already present across discs, they are identical and overwriting them causes no harm or conflict of colliding data.
  • Download the official 1.1 patch and copy its contents to where the disc data has been extracted.
  • If you did everything correctly you should end up with something that looks like this or very similar, depending on your version of the game (some censored discs have more data):
  • Take the Renforcer DLL and copy it to the same folder where the rest of the game data is.
  • Launch the game executable (dkev.exe) and you will be welcomed with a message that informs you about some necessary data to be extracted from data.z. Press OK and it will extract the missing data from the old Win16 installer.
  • You will now see a configuration window with some options. You can always change settings later, so press OK.
  • You are done, congratulations and enjoy the game!