Resident Evil 2 Prototype (1.5)

A recreation of the original Resident Evil 2 Prototype, a legendary prototype which was leaked somewhere back in February 2013.

This prototype game, also nicknamed as “1.5”, is widely known as the Resident Evil that never was. Not only it featured a mostly different story compared to the finished product that we got, but it also displayed many peculiar features only seen in later titles, spin offs, or parallel games made by other CAPCOM teams.

This project aims at reproducing the original concept of the prototype version of Resident Evil 2 as it was meant to be, and it improves it by adding many aspect found in later titles in the series, similarly to what happened in enhanced ports such as Resident Evil: Deadly Silence. Many of the prototype features have been closely recreated and implemented into Gemini’s clone engine “Squeeze Bomb”, in order to ensure high fidelity and respect to the source material.

External collaborations

  • We still lack voices for the following characters: Sherry, John, Ada, Annette, Marvin and Chief Irons.
  • Composers for brand new music tracks or remixes. It is required that you know how to work with music trackers (i.e. Kontact) and you should have a good knowledge of how sound banks are created.
  • English to Japanese translator(s) and editor(s).



Battle Coliseum Demo v1.0a (Mirror on Mega)