Resident Evil: Behind the Mask

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This project is a fan reimagination of Biohazard Gun Survivor, also know in the West as Resident Evil: Survivor. The title of this comes from the prototype subtitle of Gun Survivor, which was named “Behind the Mask” at some point during development.

Many aspects of this differ from the original PlayStation game, but it keeps strong connections to Gun Survivor. 3D environments are being replaced with pre-rendered backgrounds and the game plays similarly to the 32-bit era Resident Evil games. We are retooling some of the locations in order to give them realistic designs. Expect to see some changes like in the Resident Evil remake for the Gamecube; we’re even lifting background style right from there and REØ.

Would you like to join the project?

We’re currently looking for the following positions:

  • 3D-lowpoly and texture artists for in-game graphics. We could use Resident Evil 2 models all the way, like Gun Survivor did, but implementing brand new assets along the way may be better in the end and more interesting to experience, not to mention the finished production would have a less strong “déja-vù effect”.
  • People good at drawing, either on paper or straight away digitally. Being able to colorize your work is a big plus. We need someone who can redo the main artworks for the whole cast or to create different types of zombies.
  • Music composers experienced with sequenced spreadsheets and samples (i.e. Kontakt, please no FL Studio). Again, we could use the original soundtrack pretty much entirely, but it’s not exactly what you’d want in a survival horror.
  • English translators and editors. Redoing the original translation is a must-have, the number of errors and inconsistency is a bit too much for today’s standard.
  • English voice actors with good recording gear. Pretty much nobody seems to like the original voice acting, which usually ranks even lower than Resident Evil 1’s. If you have a sample to show us, make sure to send it either here or in private form.