Resident Evil: Hazardous Battle

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This is a completely original homebrew game currently in development, Resident Evil gone arcade.

What the demo of this project will include:

  • Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine as playable characters.
  • A full battle scenario of Spencer’s mansion, your mission is to make your way to the courtyard.
  • Zombies will be your main enemies, with some areas to have enemy respawn similar to Dino Crisis 2.
  • Yawn might be included as a mid-boss battle in the attic.
  • Weapons for Jill: Combat Knife (as a sub weapon), Beretta M92F, Arwen 37
  • Weapons for Chris: Combat Knife, Beretta M92FS, Remington M870.

The full game will include other scenarios from RE1, a much wider array of enemies (even Sega Saturn exclusive creature ‘Tick’), 16 weapons (including some special ones from REmake and RE1 for PC), and S.T.A.R.S. cast with a few exceptions (Brad, Edward, and Joseph).