Q: Does this patch work on Platinum Edition?
A: No, it only supports SourceNext Biohazard 2 version 1.1.0.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the game?
A: Even if SourceNext isn’t selling brand new copies anymore, this site won’t tell you where to download the game from. However, you can still find second-hand copies sometimes on Japanese Yahoo Auctions or eBay.

Q: Will you add other languages to the patch?
A: No, but users can provide them as mods. As a matter of fact, Spanish and Russian mods already exist for this.

Q: Is it normal that Windows 10 reports this as a high-power usage application?
A: Yes, it’s perfectly normal. These old games technically stagger one core of the CPU while looping constantly for Windows messages, but in reality their CPU usage is very low, even on processors with few cores.

Q: Does this patch support Windows XP?
A: No, for a number of technical and practical reasons. These patches are intended for Windows 7 and more recent versions, possibly Vista as well. Having Windows XP supported is just a hassle, plus you can always play the originals on that OS with no real issues.

Q: How do I stretch the whole image to fill my screen?
A: You can’t, unless you use a stretch shader with dgvoodoo + Reshade. The patch is designed to keep a correct 4:3 aspect ratio and will never support stretched.

Q: Can I play this on Linux?
A: According to reports from users, Wine can run Resident Evil 2 just fine.

Q: Does this patch have support for HD backgrounds and textures?
A: Not currently. There is a DirectX9 version in development, which will add support for HD textures.


If you are trying to get the game installed on Windows 10 in Program Files and it’s causing you issues with virtual folders or user privileges, this is the best way to generate a portable installation that can keep account of save data and configuration information across multiple devices (i.e. if you have the game, say, on a USB stick or external drive). These steps will help you to do so by bypassing the setup entirely.

  • Create a folder that will contain all the game’s data and executable (we’ll call it “Biohazard 2 PC” for simplicity’s sake) wherever you prefer.
  • Open your DVD-Rom of the game, go to the data folder and you’ll be presented with something that looks like this:
  • Copy everything inside data to your destination folder, except for bio2.exe.
  • Grab the Classic REbirth DLL and copy it to the Biohazard 2 PC folder.
  • Grab the official 1.1.0 patch (click here) and copy the executable to the Biohazard 2 PC folder.
  • If everything has been copied correctly, this is what your Biohazard 2 PC folder will look like:
  • Run bio2 1.10.exe and you will be welcomed with a message that says that you don’t have a configuration. A default one will be created, so press OK and you will be presented a configurationĀ  dialog window.
  • Change settings to your liking, insert the Install Key (can be found on the DVD-Rom) and press OK again.
  • You’re done, the game has been successfully installed without really installing a thing.


If you already have the game installed, you only need to drop the Classic REbirth DLL into your game folder, along with the bio2 1.10.exe official patch; a configuration file will be created by using Windows Registry settings.


The configuration dialog that shows up on first boot can be called again if you need to change any settings, which is especially useful if you need to quickly reconfigure a controller or resolution option. This is how you make the configuration dialog show up after the first boot:

  • Create a shortcut to bio2 1.10.exe (drag the file with the mouse button pressed, then select “Create shortcuts here”).
  • Go to the shortcut properties, select the “Shortcut” tab if it’s not selected automatically, in “Target” add -config after the long string.
  • Double click the shortcut and the configuration dialog will show up.


This case happens mostly on Windows 10 if you install the game the regular way throught its setup or under some weird conditions with User Account Control (UAC) being set to strict control. If your situation falls under either condition, the config file, along with save data, will end up being stored under %appdata%\VirtualStore\CAPCOM\Biohazard 2 or a similar path. Just go to %appdata%\VirtualStore\ and search inside that, once located all files can be easily copied to the game’s actual folder and it should keep updating that config.ini instead of the one in VirtualStore.