Updates, just like old times

For those familiar with my previous works, this is the usual drill on my old translation blogs. More info after the jump!

This is more or less a brief recap of the latest updates, which I used to deliver weekly or something like that. Make sure to check out the portal every once in a while because major stuff and minor crap will be posted among these lines. That sorted out of the way, let’s move to the actual body of the news.

A summary of what has been done lately:

  • I’m pretty much done adding a zombie variation from Resident Evil 2. This will be used as the standard AI for Behind the Mask and Hazardous Battle, but some bits of it may (i.e. must) end up in the 1.5 zombie AI in order to fill a few gaps and make them smarter.
  • Room editor has been updated to aid quick tests of a number of features, like stencil previews and object placement. There were also other huge updates to wrappers used for rendering code and for data structures in general, also memory leak fixes.
  • Integrating more and more data from the old 1.5 project files, but also adding new assets for the RPD demo.
  • Masks, masks everywhere. I think I got all the necessary projects for those, shouldn’t take long to make STAGE 1 complete.
  • Some brain storming has been laid on yet another bonus battle mode. This will be presented at some point, it’s a simple concept for now.
  • Sewers aren’t being forgotten — parallel work is being carried on, which means labs are progressing to some degree as well.

In other news, we’ve been looking for a number of translators to cover some of the original Biohazard audience. That means we’re currently looking for English to Japanese translators, and in addition to that English to Chinese translators. We still haven’t done much work on non-latin font strategies, but there are some plans for those in order to allow careful memory usage.

And that’s all for today, folks. Enjoy our latest video with RE2 zombies in action, bloopers included.