Bienvenue aux Laboratoires Parapluie

Ready for a new recap? Here goes something.

The current list of work we’ve done lately:

  • The engine implements a path finder, useful for enemies to walk around corners and corridors to reach player’s position.
  • Some work has been done on laboratories, namely finishing the shelter access (both normal and ablaze counterpart), finalizing the pump room, and filling shelters.
  • Currently investigating water effects for the sewers, with specific attention on some entity that seems to be used for complex sprite effects on water streams [unconfirmed].
  • Some models are being retooled, like the title screen. Should allow for more complexity and specific boot sections for mini games.
  • The Memory Card screen is being ported over and changed around a bit. Loading a game will work similarly to Dino Crisis 2, where it brings you back to the title screen and unlocks a few options. “Continue” will be used to resume the story scenarios from where you left, while extras will be globally unlocked with your current progress (i.e. unlockables stack with whatever you have in other save data).

In other news, development has slowed down a bit due to technical issues on my side. Visual Studio messed up somehow and it broke pieces of my Windows 7 configuration; fortunately a fresh install fixed all issues, but took me almost a week to recover programs and some saved data. Fortunately none of the project data has been affected by this accident and I can resume the work just fine.

And now a bunch of screenshots. The shelter access has such a great color scheme it’s actually hard to figure out if the backgrounds are lossless compressed or not (they are lossy, shhh). We’ve also fixed a couple issues with the access corridor being slightly shorter than it actually is, which did show up in one of the twitter updates. Enjoy.