What’s coming next for Classic REbirth

As most of you following on Twitter already know, I’m updating the RE1 version of Classic REbirth with all those features that were supposed to kick in. Hit on that jump button to read the whole thing!

Like the news intro sort of implies, Hardware Mode is finally functional and Software Mode is nothing more than a relic of the past (it doesn’t even work properly anymore, it’s just hidden under the carpet). If you’re not familiar with Hardware Mode, this is what it does: game is rendered at a higher resolution (640×480), supports all fancy hardware acceleration features like texture filtering, and fixes texture warping artifacts. I took it from there and improved it further by adding the same kind of treatment that Resident Evil 2 SourceNext got: even higher resolutions, stability fixes, modern Windows support, and optional improvements for major issues.

In order to work smoothly on this new revision of the DLL I had to make one very important choice: what version to support. This choice fell on the Japanese MediaKite print, which happens to be the latest release of the game, but it’s also completely in Japanese. How do we fix this situation for those who can’t read Japanese and want to fully experience the game? Well, the Classic REbirth DLL does some magic behind the curtain and translates the whole game for you, just like the RE2 version does. So, in other words, the European / USA version with the “NEWEUR” fix becomes useless and isn’t supported anymore; remember that before you try the new patch and be sure to already have around a copy of the MediaKite print. I’ll probably rework the project page and drop useless stuff to make it more straightforward.

You can always find a list of upcoming features in either version of Classic REbirth in their respective change log pages (quick links: CR1 and CR2) and if you are a backer on Patreon you can get pre-release or work in progress builds.