Dino Crisis user manual


Follow these steps to be able to make the game run by bypassing the setup entirely.

  • First of all, create a folder that will contain all the game’s data and executable (we’ll call it “Dino PC” for simplicity’s sake).
  • Open your CD-Rom of the game, you’ll have something that looks like this:

    Dino CD-Rom file structure.
  • If you are using the SourceNext print of the game, copy DINO.exe to your Dino PC folder, otherwise ignore this step.
  • Copy the following folders to your installat path: Data, Movie, SOUND.
  • Grab the Classic REbirth DLL and copy it to the Dino PC folder.
  • [Optional step] In case you don’t have the SourceNext copy of the game (being the MediaKite print the most common), you can get its executable from an official patch (click here). Download it and copy the executable to the Dino PC folder.
  • If everything has been copied correctly, this is what your Dino PC folder will look like:

    What your folder will look like when you are done copying all the necessary files.
  • Run DINO.exe and you will be welcomed with a message that says that you don’t have a configuration. A default one will be created, so just press OK and you will be presented a configurationĀ  dialog window.
  • Change settings to your liking, rebinds keys if you need to, the press OK again.
  • You’re done, the game has been successfully installed without really installing a thing.


If you already have the game installed, you only need to drop the Classic REbirth DLL into your game folder, along with the correct DINO.exe; a configuration file will be created by using Windows Registry settings.


The configuration dialog that shows up on first boot can be called again if you need to change any settings, which is especially useful if you need to quickly reconfigure a controller, resolution options, or change graphics card. This is how you make the configuration dialog show up after the first boot:

  • Create a shortcut to DINO.exe (drag the file with the mouse button pressed, then select “Create shortcuts here”).
  • Go to the shortcut properties, select the “Shortcut” tab if it’s not selected automatically, in “Target” add -config after the long string, then click OK.
  • Double click the shortcut and the configuration dialog will show up.
Configure shortcut properties.


The first thing you’ll notice once the game starts is how bad the video files in this PC port look and sound. They are compressed with Indeo5 and audio is a lousy lossless PCM at 16 bits. Fortunately Classic REbirth introduces a new video player that can take advantage of MP4, a way better format. For this purpose, a movie package was created that makes videos look smoother, less compressed, and with crisp audio quality. Here’s how you can install this movie package:

  • Download the movie package from the main Classic REbirth page or by clicking on this link.
  • Copy the mp4 files inside the archive to the MOVIE folder.
  • Run the game as usual and you will see the new movies playing instead of the default ones. This also provides videos with no Japanese subtitles.


  • Enter: Confirm button.
  • ESC: Cancel button.
  • F1: Show information dialog. [NEW]
  • F2: Decrease speed (turbo mode). [NEW]
  • F3: Increase speed (turbo mode). [NEW]
  • F4: Bring up the status screen.
  • F5: Bring up the option screen.
  • F6: Show debug information. [NEW]
  • F7: Toggle texture filtering.
  • F8: Switch to next resolution. [NEW]
  • F9: Bring up the quit screen.
  • F10: Toggle rendering fixes. [NEW]
  • F11: Toggle FOV switching. [NEW]
  • Print Screen: Take a screenshot. [NEW]