RE3 Classic REbirth change log

Version 1.0.1 (June 05 2021)

  • [Improvement] Better monitor handling: game window auto-centers when changing resolution, fullscreen mode uses the current monitor where the game is being displayed, and switching screen resolution makes the game react in real time.
  • [Improvement] Added a refresh button for the controller list in the CONFIGURATION dialog.
  • [Improvement] Added an option to enable Tactical Reload.
  • [Improvement] Added an option to enable Super Sampling. This mode will render the game at a higher resolution (a multiple of 320×240) than the desktop resolution in fullscreen mode, fixing most issues with holes in the graphics.
  • [Improvement] Can rebind TAB.
  • [Fix] Corrected some very minor memory leaks with archives and the emulated VRAM.
  • [Fix] All audio pauses when the quit screen is brought up via F9. Should prevent desynchronization with voice acting and some music.
  • [Misc] Streamlined the INFORMATION dialog to be similar to the other CR patches.
  • [Misc] Renamed “Rifle Bullets E” to “Hand Gun Bullets E” in the debug menu.
  • [Misc] Added more movie names for localized videos in English in case somebody finds a way to remove hard subtitles (ENDA.DAT, ENDB.DAT, and INS06.DAT).
  • [Misc] Purged some useless config.ini entries that did nothing.
  • [Misc] Screenshot button doesn’t freeze the game while very large PNGs get created.
  • [Misc] Added Mod-sdk support with file overrides and XML for most in-game text and some graphics remapping.

Version 1.0.0 (April 01 2021)

  • Initial release.