Soul Fixer troubleshooting


Q: I have the old physical version of the game. Can I still use the patch?
A: As long as you install the official 1.0.2 patch, it should work.

Q: Do I need to decompress the executable like with other injection patches for Soul Reaver 2?
A: The patch detects if the executable is compressed or not and injects itself differently.

Q: Can I use the patch with the GOG German or French versions?
A: Yes, but you still need the English executable for the patch to be compatible.

Q: Do I need to set any compatibility modes or single processor affinity?
A: The patch fixes core affinity problems and doesn’t require any compatibility mode.

Q: Can I use Reshade with the patch?
A: Yes, just select Direct3D9 and add all the shaders you need.

Q: Does this patch support Windows XP?
A: No, for a number of technical and practical reasons. The patch is intended for Windows 7 and more recent versions, possibly Vista as well. Having Windows XP supported is just a hassle.

Q: The VSync option doesn’t seem to work. What’s wrong with it?
A: It’s fullscreen VSync, so it only works when the game is in fullscreen mode: it uses the current refresh rate of your monitor to sync the game speed, but it also takes into account the framerate option. So, if your monitor is working at 60 hertz but the framerate is set to 120 fps, the game will be capped at 60 fps due to the monitor’s max refresh rate.


  • Install the game normally, either from GOG or Steam;
  • Find the location of the game’s executable:
    • For Steam: go to Library, right click on the game, properties, local files, browse;
    • For GOG: go to Installed games, right click on the game, manage installation, show folder.
  • Download the patch and drop d3d8.dll in the game’s folder;
  • Launch the game as usual, you’re done.


If you have the GOG version of the game, they provide separate German and French installers, but the executables from these localizations are not compatible and you will get a warning message that informs you about incompatibility. Fortunately, the patch renders the English executable capable of detecting the data language, so here’s how you can use it:

  • Install both English and <other language> versions separately;
  • Take the executable from the English version and drop it in the folder with the <other language> install;
  • Copy d3d8.dll as swell;
  • Launch the game as usual.

NOTE: The patch is also capable of detecting other official localizations (i.e. Italian, Japanese, and Spanish), but you need the original data from physical versions for those (i.e. bigfile.dat and movie3.dat). The procedure is the same: you just need to install those versions normally and apply the GOG English executable on top.